- repair service (@ your home) in Los Angeles, CA area, but also the entire US



" Mike is a great guy to deal with. His initial repair worked fine but then had an issue. He instantly offered to take the unit back to find out what this issue was and to repair the problem. This was done under his warranty and without any additional expense. I'd definitely recommend him for fixing an XBOX 360. " - Rob on 12/18/2014

" Mike does great work,I am very happy with the repair of my xbox360, Anyone looking for a repair Mike is your man. Thank you for all your help mike. " - Adam (email) on 11/14/2014

" Mike is awesome he came out to N. Hollywood, fix my drive in less then 5 mins. and it's been working perfectly since. Thank You Mike " - Toya (email) on 09/27/2014

" Excellent service and work. Thanks, Mike! " - R MacDonald on 09/15/2014

" What a wonderful first experience! Although I hope I don't need another fix, but I sure know who to call in case I do. Mike was stellar… rush delivery, rush fix, full communication. A+!!! " - Faz (email) on 09/06/2014

" Great. " - Bob on 09/06/2014

" Professional, diligent, honest and knowledgable?? MIKE IS ALL OF THOSE!!! I had an Xbox 360 sitting in my garage for over 2 years because I didn't want to get financially slammed by sending the unit back to Microsoft, but when I found Mike, he made the whole repair process painless!! He was very quick to respond to my inquiry with a quote, and once I took the unit to him I was AMAZED at how fast he had the system up and running again! Best of all, he was completely honest & upfront about the cost of the repair and didn't add any hidden fees or add-on costs...what he quoted was what I paid! I would definitely recommend Mike if you need a no hassle, worry free experience getting your Xbox repaired...Thanks again Mike!!! " - Brian Rodriguez on 08/20/2014

" Mike is the go-to guy! My 360 was fixed within an hour and returned dust free! I would recommend Mike to everyone in need of an Xbox repair. He provides friendly, honest service with tips to help prolong the life of the much loved 360. Thanks Mike! " - Donia Sichler (email) on 07/08/2014

" MIKE IS THE MAN!!!! Enough Said. If you don't take your Xbox 360 to him for repairs, you're already paying way too much. His service is quick and friendly, and he has a warranty for his work. I would recommend Mike to anyone who's in need to get their 360 repaired!!!! He even gives you tips on how to make your 360 last longer! Hands down the best repair guy EVER!!!!!!! " - Michael Chang (email) on 01/18/2014

" I found Mike online a little over a year ago looking for someone to fix my Xbox. I brought it in to him and he had it up and running within 45 minutes for a great price that no one else could beat! He promised a free 1 year warranty and just over a year later my xbox started breaking down again. So I brought it to him and even though I was a bit past my warranty time he ended up fixing it for free. Bottom line is that there isn't a better place to get your Xbox fixed. Mike is nice, honest, fair, quick, and great at what he does. You'd be making a mistake if you sent your Xbox anywhere else! " - John (email) on 06/13/2013

" I very highly recommend Mike! He is very helpful, honest and trustworthy. He repaired and returned our Xbox promptly. When it broke a second time, he offered to fix it for free or give us a refund. It was a very old unit and so I asked if he would fix it if it was his or just get a new one. He honestly told me he would get a new one if it was financially possible. Which I did. He refunded my original repair money and transferred the data from my old unit to the new hard drive for free. I will recommend Mike to anyone I hear has Xbox issues. Thanks again, Mike! " - Lori on 06/10/2013

" In 30 minutes, Mike fixed what the "ubreakifix" store couldn't in 2 weeks AND he did it cheaper and came to our house to do it. He is helpful, reliable and trustworthy. Mike, simply put, you are the BOMB! " - Patrick W (email) on 06/03/2013

" mike is a real stand-up guy... very pro. got it done in the time frame. (30min). if I ever have any more xbox problums, hes the man to fix the problem....thanks again mike..A++++++++++++++++ " - shawn childress (email) on 05/25/2013

" Mike is amazing! Easy to work with, honest, and fast. He fixed the drive on my Xbox 360 slim in 30 minutes for only $40! I highly recommend him! " - James on 05/16/2013

" Mike is how all repairman should be. Knowledgeable, affordable and approachable. He can answer any questions you may have. He fixed my Xbox in a matter of hours. I highly recommend him to those who are seeking a cheap alternative and to support your local entrepreneur. " - DI on 05/11/2013

" Call back came right away; the Xbox was back at home within a few hours working as promised. Thank you Mike! " - Darlene on 04/20/2013

" The friendliness, reasonability, and efficiency that Mike brings to his work are unmatched. I've gone to him twice now to fix my xbox and he's been awesome both times. If you're looking for a quick and convenient fix for your xbox, Mike's the guy. Hands down. Thanks Mike! " - Aidan (email) on 04/08/2013

" Mike fixed my Xbox 360 after it broke for a second time, and since he had fixed it in the past, he fixed it this time for free! Very fast, very professional; I highly recommend. " - Jake K (email) on 04/08/2013

" Mike is the real deal. Since my son's ancient Xbox needed its first repair, he is the only guy I call. He's fast, courteous, reasonable, and highly proficient. I can only imagine how much money he's saved me over the years. I've mailed it in and had him come to my house; both options are great (although, I must admit, he's so good at what he does, it's kind of fun to watch him work). I highly recommend him, and will be pleased to discuss Mike at length with anyone who is considering hiring him. " - William Salyers (email) on 03/02/2013

" Mike fixed my sons 360. It had the three rings. Fast service and great price. Running well and my son is up and playing again. Saved me a lot of $$$$$ :) " - catherine garcia on 02/23/2013

" Mike is the man took care of me in no time at a reasonable price. I really recommend him to anyone who has a problem with his Xbox. " - Nicolas on 02/15/2013

" I took my Xbox to mike and he had me in and out I recommend his services to all. Reasonable price and he knows what he is doing. " - Jose on 02/09/2013

" mike is great, take care of the problem right away at a resonal price. i highly reccomend him to all my family and freinds. " - max on 01/21/2013

" Mike was fantastic! He was on time, fast, friendly and very knowledgeable. He was cheaper than Microsoft and finished in 30 minutes rather than 30 days. Thanks again! :D " - Oliver (email) on 01/16/2013

" I been dreading the day that my xbox would go out for some time now. That day came last week. I had 3 red lights or the "ring of death". After doing some searching I got in contact with Mike. He was pleasant and easy to work with on a place to meet to give him the unit. I gave it to him on Monday evening and it was ready for pick up the next morning. Again we met at a prearranged location to pick up. He discussed in great detail the dos and don'ts and how to prevent further failures in the future. Mike knows what he's talking about. Would recommend him to everyone with xbox problems. I'm glad I didn't shell out money for a new unit and found a 360 guy like Mike. 40 dollars well spent. Thanks Mike!! " - VIC P. (email) on 01/11/2013

" Mike just came out for the second time to fix my brothers Xbox and again he was very nice and professional and fixed the Xbox in about 20 minutes and we might have him do more work on our Xboxes in the future if u need work on ur Xbox u need forgive fix360 guy a call " - Joseph Brzuska on 01/10/2013

" Mike is the MAN! He fixed my Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death in less than an hour!!!! Instead of sending my Xbox 360 back to Microsoft, I decided to try and find someone local to fix. Mike's prices are VERY REASONABLE (cheap in my opinion) and the service is EXCELLENT! After he fixed my Xbox 360, he gave me a few tips on how to keep my Xbox 360 running smooth. His service also comes with a 90 day warranty so it's always nice to know that if something goes wrong within the 90 days, you're covered. To be honest, I really couldn't ask for a more professional and friendly service. Mike, you're the man! I highly recommend anyone with Xbox 360 problems to hit him up for repairs. If you want friendly service with guarantee, Mike is your man. He also goes by the "No Fix No Fee" quote which I thought was AWESOME! (thats security for you right there!) " - Michael Chang (email) on 01/02/2013

" I was just about to get myself a brand new xbox 360, which i didn't want to (Too expensive). My DVD drive was stuck and wouldn't open. So i found fix360guy and it was a blessing. Since i live nearby everything was solved withing 20 minutes maybe 30 since i live 10 mins away. This guy really knows his stuff. Its been a month and my xbox still works, I saved money and i was shocked he repaired it right away. i would recommend this guy to all those gamers who are having issues with their console, paid 20$ bucks only. " - Vic on 12/21/2012

" Mike is a great guy who provides exceptional service at a very reasonable price. He arranged for an easy drop off in Pasadena and I picked it up the next hassle, XBOX 360 works better than ever. Easy communication. If you are in Los Angeles, this is the team to go to when your XBOX gets sick, and believe me, it will at some point. " - Jody Rohrl (email) on 12/21/2012

" Mike is a great and helpful individual. I promptly set up an appointment for the next day and he gladly accommodated my request to fix my horrid 3 red lights of death for a very reasonable price, and did so in less than an hour! A very genuine and trustworthy individual. Will be recommending him to friends and others alike. Thanks Mike! " - Nabeel Hussain (email) on 12/04/2012

" Mike came to my house and fixed my unit on the spot in under an hour. He was very personable and offered me several tips to ensure the longevity of my console. I highly recommend him. " - Alan Lashbrook (email) on 11/28/2012

" yeah mike helped fix my problem, friendly, very nice person! thanx 4 the helpmmike. " - ERic on 11/25/2012

" Mike helped me out back in September with my Xbox 360 3 ring problem, he fixed it the same day i dropped it off to him for a very reasonable price(30$). He also stays true to his warranty, my xbox recently had another problem different from the three rings and Mike fixed it free of charge! " - Blake on 11/16/2012

" If you ever have any problems with your 360, give Mike a call! He's courteous, easy to talk to, and he is fast when it comes to fixing your Xbox! " - Jerry B. on 11/07/2012

" Mike did an excellent job fixing my xbox!He is easy to talk to, and he thoroughly explained to me how he was going to fix my xbox. He is quick too! He told me to go get a coffee, and when I came back about 45 minutes later, he was finished. Great Job! I highly recommend him! " - Jerry B. on 08/29/2012

" Very cool guy that was very helpful, reasonable and knowledgeable. " - Mike on 07/23/2012

" My son's Xbox DVD drive was broken, I shipped it out to Mike, he fixed it in no time, working perfect, my son is happy now. Very pleasant experience! " - Mihail (email) on 06/26/2012

" Mike is the best. My sons xbox first needed repair over a year ago when it was slightly dropped. The dvd drive needed to be replaced and he did the repair quickly and it has worked great ever since. but my son is alittle hard on this machine and the drive went out again. Mike is getting me the part and is going to take care of it right away. He knows what he is doing. And one more thing. Don't believe the urban legend about the rings of death on your xbox. Mike can fix it and its much cheaper then buying another one even cheaper then buying a used one. If you have a problem then call him, he is honest and does what he says. " - Greg Currie (email) on 06/11/2012

" dude does a good job hes reasonable and quick. down to earth and offers a good warranty " - rick (email) on 06/10/2012

" Above and beyond. Perfectly pleased. Open communication and problems resolved quickly. My children are no longer in convulsions. The XBOX is fixed! " - Jill on 05/18/2012

" If you want the job done right and get good service at the same time you need to call Mike! Worth every penny. " - Julie on 04/11/2012

" Dude was pretty quick and the price was very reasonable considering I did not have to buy a new 360. My system works fine and he even told me how to take care of it better to avoid a second visit. I would definitely recommend him to friends in my area. " - Henry E. (email) on 03/02/2012

" I was very satisfied with his work. His location was very convenient, his prices are very reasonable, and he fixed my xbox very quickly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. " - Emily on 02/21/2012

" Mike did an awesome job fixing our 3 red lights on a Sunday. Same day repair! Definitely recommend his services especially if you're in the long beach area. Thanks mike!! " - Kristen (email) on 02/17/2012

" i got this services for my nephew xbox 360... Mike came to the house got it done with 1 hour... i will keep using his services. Thanks Mike " - Jerry Mejia (email) on 02/16/2012

" The service is AWESOME. Mike responds to calls quickly and he got my xbox fixed in no time. I had a problem with my xbox the day after he fixed it and he went back to make sure that the console was fixed. Excellent service at a great price. " - Kim on 02/02/2012

" I used this service for my son's Xbox. I was totally happy with the price and timely manner in which it took to fix. I would recommend Fix360Guy to others. " - Denise (email) on 01/17/2012

" excellent very fast.. i totally recommend " - Tony (email) on 01/15/2012

" I've never ever had someone have so good costumer service, response, and warranty. He literally drove twice to my place to fix the Xbox. really happy with service! DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED " - Dan on 01/09/2012

" I go to Mike and his crew for all my xbox problems. He can fix your xbox 360 slim or anything for a price as low as $20, and he can have it done on the spot from a half hour to an hour. " - Raven Flores (email) on 12/06/2011

" Mike is a super nice guy and does GREAT work. If your reading this to see if he's legit, don't worry he'll take great care of you! " - rov on 12/05/2011

" Did not want to wait for Microsoft. Mike took care of my Xbox SLIM in no time " - JT, ontario on 11/23/2011

" Mike does a great job--very professional, dedicated and helpful. Amazing customer service, and all at a price that can't be beat. A great experience overall! " - Kevin T on 07/12/2011

" Great local service! Mike is quick to respond to emails/calls/texts. I had the reball service done to my xbox and it works perfectly now. Trustworthy service so I'll definitely recommend to my friends and family. " - Duc on 06/20/2011

" Mike is very adept at his craft. He is willing to work wtih your schedule and always finishes any repairs promptly. I am recomending him to all of our friends. For the price, speed and integrity, you will not be able to do any better. " - S.Campbell on 06/08/2011

" I was glad to find Mike. Everything he advertises on his site is true. I searched high and low for someone to fix my xbox 360. I didn't want to pay the high prices charged by Microsoft and my system was out of warranty. Finding a local walk in repair shop for same day service was well worth my time and money. It's a great option to purchasing another system when yours goes bad. I've had mine for three years now. He comes highly recommended. " - Reynaldo on 04/17/2011

" Mike's the real deal. My xbox got the three red rings so I sent him an email, received a reply, AND got it repaired in THE SAME DAY!!!! Very professional, great service, and a great price. Don't even waste time and even more money sending your xbox to Microsoft. I'm definitely recommending him to my friends and family. " - Justin Jimenez (email) on 04/07/2011

" Mike did a great job on my 360 elite. I was having intermitent RROD issues. Took it over and he fixed it in 30 minutes. No problems since. " - Tim on 04/05/2011

" I would give Mike my highest reccomendation. My 360 started to get the dreaded RROD on a sporadic basis. It was out of warranty of course. I sent Mike an e-mail and 3 hours later, I brought it over for him to have a look at it. 30 minutes later my xbox was ready to go. As a follow on, a week later my dvd tray quit opening. Took it back to Mike and 10 minutes later the xbox was fixed and ready to go. Mike offers superior service at a fair price. He runs a firt class operation and I give him 5 stars. " - Tim C (email) on 03/30/2011

" A+ customer service went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied. Xbox works great. Highly recommended! " - Lori (email) on 03/19/2011

" Use Mike to fix your xbox! Good guy, good communication, fast turn around. WAY better than getting scammed by Microsoft to pay $100 for a bug that is their own fault! " - Aaron on 02/22/2011

" My 360 got the 3 red rings lit up. This is the second time it has happened to me. The first time a couple years ago I sent to Microsoft and got it back in a month and it was still under warranty. This time around, my warranty had expired and I did not want to pay $100 and wait a month for it. So I googled to see who can do it around my area and found Mike. I read the testimonials and was very delighted to see so many people had benefited from Mike. His prices are very reasonable too and I'd prefer to pay someone like Mike than give it to a giant corporation like Microsoft. Well, I live in Perris and he is in Long Beach. I decided to drive it to him on my way to Santa Monica for work on a Saturday morning. Sure enough I dropped it off, came back in about an hour and a half and it was ready to go!! I was so happy I went home and played on it and have not had problems since. Plus he offer a 90 day warranty in case something happens down the road. Bottom line, it was a pleasure to do business with Mike. Hes a great guy, very reliable, trustworthy and knows what hes doing. Thanks Mike! " - Sal (email) on 02/20/2011

" Sent my sons xbox to him and he fixed it as promised and at the price quoted. Can honestly say machine is working great he was a pleasure to deal with and very professional all the way. Would recommend his services to everyone. " - Cec on 02/09/2011

" mike is damn awesome, he fixed my 360 very quick, i found the site by chance searching for 360 repair in long beach, i read the testimonials and decided to give him a shot. it's been 2 days and the system is working flawlessly. I have already recommended him to a coworker. " - cj on 01/13/2011

" Mike, thanks for the prompt service on New Years Day. You are the man! You solve my nephew's E74 error. My nephew is beyond please with your service. In fact, he is following your instructions to insure that his XBOX 360 does not overheat. " - Ron (email) on 01/06/2011

" Mike was recommended by a friend of my uncle's and at first I was wondering if I should call Mike and try him out. Mike said he was able to fix my xbox dvd drive for a good price and fast so i went to see him at his house. Mike took under an hour and I paid him a good resaonable price of $60 and TRUST ME it was worth it. Went home and my xbox was working awsomely great the game was spinning and I was playing again. I know if anything is wrong with my xbox, Mike is the guy to go to for a fix on my consle. Thanx Mike you really helped me out your awsome =). " - Angel Rivera (email) on 12/18/2010

" Great guy and fast. I live in Long Beach and I dropped it off yesterday afternoon, picked it up today. Works great! " - Shane on 12/15/2010

" I just had my XBOX repaired here today. I was there in 15 min from the West Side. Handed over my XBOX and 30 min later a call said all was ready. Microsoft charges $100 + shipping and it usually takes 2 months?? I'm now sat at home playing my XBOX the same day for $40 repair charge. Thank you mate. Great Job.. " - Damon (email) on 12/04/2010

" I could not be more impressed with the quality of work and efficiency of fix360guy. He fixed my xbox in about 30 minutes and my xbox360 works better than ever. I thought I was going to have to scrap my xbox360 after the 3 red lights of death but I was excited to realize that I could fix it and in under an hour. I would recommend fix360guy to anyone and I have already. " - David K. (email) on 12/01/2010

" We all know the frustration of seeing that stupid red light. Guys, I've tried the quick-fixes on Youtube...they dont work. And if they do "work", it usually makes things worse later, or they are temporary. I was so glad I found this website. Mike is such a nice guy. I dropped it off at his house, went over to the nearby Costco for lunch and when I came back, he was done! My Xbox has not had a problem ever since. $40 is all he charges! It's totally worth it! I recommend him 1000%m, I'm already referring my friends to so I might as well do the same to you! Thanks Mike!!! :) " - Tyler (email) on 12/01/2010

" This guy rocks- he goes all the way with his word- honored the warranty - no questions asked .. " - Chris ( LB) on 11/27/2010

" Definitely would recommend Mike! You shouldn't spend $100 to get your xbox repaired when Mike can fix it up for just $40. He fixed my xbox, but it red ringed again. He gave it another shot, and it works fine since. Thanks Mike! " - Alex (email) on 11/05/2010

" I had my xbox fixed, haha. A few weeks later, with maybe 1 night of play. I had to call him back for the same issue. I took it back to him and he tried to fix it. I pickd it up and tipped 10 like the first time, out a total of $60. Then 3 days later same problem. He offers a refund of $40, I expained that with tip it was 60. He then said oh that doesn't count it was tip. So I ended up with a broken xbox and out 20 in tip. YAY I recomend this guy to evryone. ______________________________________ Reply: Tips are welcome, but not requested- Please don't ask for a tip back, Full refund for the service was given. I lost time, supplies and material, I don't get that back. " - Yale on 10/28/2010

" My Xbox 360 broke on Wednesday Night. My console was out of warranty and I wasn't going to get a new one or ship it away to Microsoft for weeks and likely spend just as much. After doing a bit of research into trying to find local people to repair my xbox360 i found Mike. I e-mailed him that night and he got back to me the following morning. After working around my schedule I drove my console out to him. He was professional and it was obvious he knew what he was doing. I went around the block and got a cheeseburger and by the time I had finished it, Mike had repaired my xbox. He is fast, efficient, and a nice guy. I would recommend him to anyone. " - Andy on 09/16/2010

" 360 is working great now! Thanks a million! " - James on 09/15/2010

" Hi Mike- Just wanted to tell you "thank you" for the excellent service that you provided. You were able to repair my son's Xbox 360 a little over a month ago and it's working like new. Your service was quick and true. Thanks again and I'll definitely recommend you if any of my friend's kids have the same heat issue. Thanks, Manuel " - Manny on 09/04/2010

" Mike is great. My 360 got the 3 red lights again and he gave me a courtesy repair free of charge even though I was out of the site's listed "warranty". He works quickly and is very friendly. " - Dan (email) on 09/02/2010

" Mike is easy to get a hold of, responds immediately and does good work. He fixed my red ring of death and when I had a second, unrelated problem, he fixed it for free. Watching Mike fix an XBOX is like watching a Nascar pit crew. " - Greg on 08/27/2010

" I emailed Mike, Friday evening and to my surprised received a response the next morning (6:15AM) on a Saturday. He answered all my questions in one email. His professionalism and honesty is refreshing. We’ve become so accustom to bad service and terrible business etiquette, when you come across someone like Mike, it regains your faith of good people and honest businessmen. I would recommend Mike to anyone who asks. His prices are unbeatable, service off the charts! THANKS MIKE!! YOU'RE AWESOME!! " - MADDIE BULOSAN (email) on 08/10/2010

" Mike is an awesome guy I took my sons xbox to him it had the ring of deth he told me it would take about an hr for him to fix it, so I went to trader joes thats about 4 blocks away from his home to grab a sandwich and something to drink and in less than an hr he called me that it was ready. Friendly and great service you would be a dummy not to take your xbox with him, also he gave my son great tips how to maintain his xbox. Overall perfect experience. " - Xavier from downey (email) on 08/03/2010

" Mike repaired my son's Xbox 360 within one hour! I really appreciate Mike's professional confidence and commitment to his work. My son returned home a happy guy. Thank you Mike. " - Jacquelyn (email) on 07/12/2010

" Thank you so much! Got it fixed in time for my 12yr. olds birtday party which was a lifesaver. When my son overheated the system less than 90 days later Mike fixed it for us again with no extra charge and the same day. Highly Recommended. 5 stars!! " - Kim M. on 06/15/2010

" The problem that I was having with my xbox 360 was that it would freeze without red lights. I took it to Mike in Long Beach CA and it has been a little bit over two weeks and I've had NO problems since and my xbox 360 would shut off after about an hour of game play. The other day I played splinter cell for two hours and left the game on for more than one hour and it hasn't froze at all. Thanks Mike! " - Isiah Greene on 05/21/2010

" Mike is affordable, quick, and does the job right! Thanks for fixing my scare-the-crap-out-of-me 3 red lights...I sent the newly fixed Xbox over to my friend and everything went smoothly. If I have anymore problems, I'll be sure to go to you. " - Tiffany on 05/19/2010

" Mike was awesome. It's been a few months now since I came to him with the dreaded red rings, and thankfully that is now a near forgotten memory. Thanks for being available and quickly getting me back to what I do best... " - YAYONAIZE on 04/29/2010

" Mike is the picture of professionalism. Courteous and prompt, and he stands by his work. I cannot imagine why you would go anywhere else for a fix. " - Devlin on 04/28/2010

" My 12 yr. old son had a party planned with the main activity being XBox play and 2 days before we got the ring of death. I called Mike and that day we got it fixed! Mike to the rescue--he is the best! " - Kim Moss (email) on 04/20/2010

" 100% happy! Got back to me ASAP drove to his apt. & in less than an hour he had it fixed! No hidden charges...$40.00. Thanks Mike! =) " - Theresa (email) on 04/11/2010

" Very cool guy, guarantee his work and if he can't fix your xbox he will not charge you. " - Dinh, P on 03/30/2010

" Mike is a rarity in the current consumer electronics service industry. He's knowledgable, honest, and did what he said he'd do and got it done earlier than promised. My 360 elite was freezing without rrod. Mike repaired the box which has now seen multiple 4+ hour gaming sessions without a hitch. I highly recommend his services. " - Chris on 03/29/2010

" A true professional! Came out to my home and was able to resurrect my xbox in a very short amount of time. You can tell he really cares about his work and his clients! " - Manny C on 03/25/2010

" This dudes what hes doing. He fixed my box twice no charge because it was within three months after i first got it fixed. Hes a kool dude too, you could trust this service. " - Roland on 03/24/2010

" Mike's the real deal. My xbox got the RROD so I shot him an email and he got back to me AND fixed it in the same day! It had the RROD after the 30 day guarantee and he fixed again it for FREE! Very professional and much better (and cheaper) then sending your xbox to microsoft. I also got my brothers xbox fixed by Mike too. Cool guy with a great service. Seriously, hit him up. " - Matt W. Costa Mesa (email) on 03/18/2010

" Mike is amazing and very professional Highly recommended forget Microsoft they cannot come close to what Mike offers " - Alex (email) on 03/13/2010

" Great service. He just left my house and he wasnt some slop coming in my house. He knew what he was doing and gave me advice on keeping the xbox running good. If you ever havea xbox problem CALL THIS GUY " - Robbie on 03/03/2010

" After the fix,it stopped working again for some reason. Mike came to the rescue and picked it up from my office, took it back to his shop, repaired it and tested it for 24 hours before returning it to me at no charge. This guy is good! " - Kris (email) on 03/02/2010

" Thanks you FixGuy! You guys came over and fixed my Elite's RROD about 3 months ago here in Hollywood, I just remembered so now I am here to let everyone know that you guys do a good job, my XBOX is still going strong. " - a5t3k (email) on 02/27/2010

" My son's x-box had the red ring, I tried to send it to get it repair but the cost was way more money comparing what Mike charges ($40.00) you cant beat that and plus Mike is a great guy he gave my son some tips to maintain his x-box " - Javier Ruiz (email) on 02/21/2010

" Mike is legit! My Xbox 360 got the Red Ring of death, and I brought it over for Mike to fix it and he fixed it within an hour. Furthermore, when my xbox 360 got the RRoD again, he was nice enough to fix it again and now it's working perfectly! Thanks! " - Jin (email) on 02/17/2010

" Mike came to my office, got down to business right away, and dismantled my son's XBox; it was full of cat fur and dust! He installed the blue light fans and cleaned the unit up in about 30 minutes. Runs great now. Thanks you much for the prompt courteous service. " - Kris (email) on 02/16/2010

" I called Mike four days before Valentine's Day in order to surprise my husband with a working Xbox. It was a last minute idea and I wasn't sure if the repairs could be done on time. Mike called me back right away. We setup a time for me to drop off the Xbox and contacted me twice with updates! The next day the system was ready for pick-up. Mike reminded me that if anything were to go wrong to call him back right away and he would take care of it. My husband says the system is working great! I would highly recommend Mike. He is honest, affordable and answers the phone and returns calls. " - Jean H. (email) on 02/13/2010

" Repair went good! Took a little longer than expected but thank god for Mike! Cheap prices with quality results.. " - Chris on 02/11/2010

" Mike is the absolute best. If you have problems with your Xbox, he is the first person you should call. Forget calling Microsoft, they cannot come close to the service that Mike offers his customers. " - Tess B. on 02/10/2010

" I got the 3 red ring and less than a day after e-mailing mike, he called me and arranged for a convenient time to fix the 360. I dropped off the system and within an hour, picked it up and it's working as well as ever. " - Michael- Long Beach on 02/10/2010

" My Grandsons xbox game was jammed and after calling microsoft and being on the phone for hours to only tell me that they could not help me becuase they no longer fix the old system, Out of desperation I called various places and no one could help me they all kept refering me to microsoft,I found Mike on the internet and gave him a call I was so impressed on how fast he responded to my request Mike went beyond and came to my home picked up the game and fix it to see the smile on my grandsons face was awsome! I am so grateful to Mike he is honest and just a awsome guy and I would highly recommend him to you,my friends and family. "Thank you Mike" " - Mary Viramontes (email) on 02/07/2010

" Mike is a great guy that does fast quality service and tries to make you as happy as possible.Did some custome case work and fans for me for a great price! if my xbox 360 ever fails i know who to bring it too! thanks again mike your the best! " - Robert on 02/05/2010

" my sons xbox started acting up, Ring-of-death! i was fortunate enough that Mike works near my work so we met up and i gave him my xbox. one day after, he emailed me and said my xbox was fixed. i couldn't believe it. when i got home my son fired up the xbox and it's been working fine ever since. i highly recommend him! " - Steve C. on 02/04/2010

" if your xbox isnt working, is the ONLY place to get it fixed. Fast friendly service that has been 100% effective for me " - Andy Buehler (email) on 02/04/2010

" This guy goes out of his way, and got mine done; did even kept his promise on the 30 day guarantee, and took care of me in no time. " - Andy, Gardena on 01/13/2010

" VERY professional.. came fixed the problem really fast... 3 weeks later the xbox started acting up again, I called Mike and he came back fixed it free of charge... havent had a problem since. Highly recommended. " - Rafael on 01/12/2010

" Mike is awesome! He fixed my Box last week and I am gaming bliss. Friendly, easy to do business with, affordable, and quick turn around. :) Dave - Huntington beach " - Dave (email) on 01/07/2010

" Emailed him Friday night. Got an email by Saturday morning. Dropped it off in the afternoon and picked it up that night. Works fine. Same day service, works great. 6 weeks sooner than Microsoft, half the price, and with a 30 day guarantee. " - Chris (email) on 01/02/2010

" Mike did a great job on our 360. I really wanted to avoid buying a new console. Mike fixed our DVD problem. Prompt communication was a plus also. Definite recommendation! Thanks Mike! " - Bennett on 12/29/2009

" mike ur tha man u kick ass keep doing wat ur doing fixed my xbox in only an hour wow ur awazing thanx marry christmass!!! " - jonathan (email) on 12/24/2009

" Mike! You rock!! Not only did this guy fix my xbox he came by my office and picked it up. Now that is what I call service. All my friend will be coming to this guy for life. Thanks Action. " - Action Jackson (email) on 12/14/2009

" Mike was fast, professional, fair, and friendly. He offered advice on how to prevent further problems, too. Highly recommended! " - Kat on 12/10/2009